Parkett Dietrich

Laying since 1918

100 years of company anniversaries sounds enormously long in times of start-ups and short-term joint ventures. However, when counted in the three generations of a family business, the years seem quite condensed: Today, we are continuing what Otto Dietrich once founded in Wuppertal in 1918. A parquet house in which the passion for real wood and craftsmanship can be felt every day. Both when advising customers at one of our now five locations and when laying the flooring on site. Instead of having to present the wide range of options on display boards and installation samples, as was previously the case, we operate our own showrooms at our headquarters in Wuppertal and in Cologne, Krefeld, Dortmund and Hamburg, where parquet and floorboards can actually be experienced. On a total of 5,600 square meters in 180 showrooms, a wide variety of woods and installation methods can be discovered in an authentic way.

Expert advice is just as much a part of the selection process as a binding price calculation that everyone can count on. To this end, we now employ over 250 people - from carpenters and interior designers to parquet layers - in our in-house workshop, sales rooms and, of course, in customers' homes. Because a wooden floor from Parkett Dietrich is always a one-stop purchase.

Brothers Frank and Christoph Dietrich share the management of the company with their wives Alexandra and Jessica. In addition to their passion and great expertise, they each contribute their individual talents, which complement each other perfectly in day-to-day business. Whether it's the external image of the store in the form of advertising or the furnishings and fittings of each individual showroom - together we discuss and decide on strategies to ensure that the traditional store always has its finger on the pulse. What we enjoy most, however, is finding out about our customers' needs and wishes in consultations and supporting them with advice, action, experience and enthusiasm.

Because our shared conviction is that real wood is always an investment in the future. The unique aura of hand-planed, naturally oiled surfaces from our own workshop, the uniqueness of the grain and annual rings and finally the incomparable beauty of the patina make a wooden floor perhaps the most important furnishing detail in our eyes. With its moisture-balancing properties, wood not only influences the indoor climate, it also gives rooms warmth and comfort like no other material can.

Our raw material wood


Personally selected

Wood is one of the most natural raw materials on earth. This applies to European wood as well as wood from Africa, South America and Asia. People everywhere have been using it as a building material for thousands of years and working it in a variety of ways. As an indispensable renewable resource with outstanding properties and qualities, wood is of very special value. Day in, day out, people come across this gift of nature in their everyday lives, but we are less and less aware of the existence of this natural material. We are therefore particularly keen to renew this awareness by offering you the natural material

not only at your feet in a refined form, but also give you the assurance that only wood from controlled cultivation is used. All scientifically based environmental protection requirements for extraction and processing must be met. For this reason, our company applies the highest standards when selecting our suppliers. The responsible handling of the valuable commodity "wood" has the highest priority for us and is therefore reliably and critically checked. We work exclusively with specialist companies that demonstrably use environmentally friendly

friendly procedures. All relevant nature conservation concerns are therefore taken into account. Regulated forestry not only protects domestic forests, but also enables a secure future for the forest and the people who work there in developing countries. Only with the knowledge of the environmentally friendly extraction of the raw material and its environmentally friendly processing can life with and on wood be enjoyed without restrictions.

Sustainability in the best sense

Today, we have the opportunity to use the raw material wood sustainably. Not to consume more than can grow back. Together with our suppliers and partners, we have been facing up to this challenge for years through sustainable purchasing in all areas of the company. In addition, we have decided to think and act even more actively and environmentally consciously.

Together with our partner "Plant-My-Tree", we will be planting 1000 trees in Germany this year. In doing so, we are making a contribution to active and sustainable environmental protection through initial reforestation. Independently certified and with perspective.

For a good feeling and out of conviction!
Soil for eternity.

Sustainability in the best sense!