Make history

Too beautiful to be new. Experience the charm of these special wooden floors in many colors and shapes. Simply choose from a wide range of thicknesses, patterns and various color finishing options. We can create plank, panel or herringbone floors for you and even matching stair treads, historic friezes and thresholds.

Thanks to our perfect ageing process, a new Antico floor can only be distinguished from a really old parquet floor by the absence of woodworm. Technically, our Antico floors are manufactured in such a way that you don't have to do without the comfort of underfloor heating. And the best thing about Antico: the more you use these floors, the more beautiful they become.

"Too good to be new"

"The historical charm of our antique floors
The wealth of thicknesses, patterns and color finishing options gives you the choice. And plenty of scope for design, which Parkett Dietrich masterfully (and creatively) utilizes for you with planks, panel or herringbone floors, matching stair treads, historic friezes and thresholds.

And the best thing about Antico: the more you use these floors, the more beautiful they become. Ideal for kitchens, entrance areas, bathrooms and hallways. But Antico parquet flooring also shows its full strength through daily wear and tear in high-traffic public areas such as restaurants, hotels and public buildings."

Parkett Dietrich
Installation quality


And once you have chosen an original Parkett Dietrich floor, our 190 permanently employed parquet layers will ensure perfect craftsmanship in your home. We have been parquet flooring for over 100 years. And we have been working with wood almost every day for just as long. The pleasure and joy of designing with wood on behalf of the customer and working together as a team to produce high-quality work that everyone involved can be proud of - that is Dietrich craftsmanship and our inner attitude. Our parquet layers and carpenters work on this every day. All excellently trained and well-rehearsed.


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Measurement and underbody inspection by appointment with our master technician on site.


Installation by our in-house parquet installers including cutting, transportation and master craftsman appointment. Everything from a single source.


10-year guarantee on original Parkett Dietrich parquet floors and our installation, 5-year guarantee on vinyl floors and our installation.


Most things don't break through use, but through cleaning. We take care of the rest.