Casualness included

Wood makes rooms more homely and gives them a special touch. This also applies to kitchens, especially modern eat-in kitchens, in which the classic separation of kitchen and living areas is eliminated. A continuous parquet floor is particularly suitable here. Kitchens are the family's meeting place and are usually exposed to more wear and tear than any other room. Grease splashes, juice stains and children's experiments are the order of the day here. Our modern parquet floors don't mind at all. Multi-layer and solid parquet floors are extremely robust, easy to care for and elegant in appearance.

"... for relaxed cooking."


What should a wooden floor have to withstand the high frequency of use in the kitchen?
It should ideally have oil "on it"... open-pored, breathable, matt, tactile and beautiful... underlines the natural character of the wood and is wonderfully pleasant underfoot. And by the way, an oiled parquet floor can always be partially finished. And, most importantly, a relaxed cook!

Would you recommend special woods?

Oak, oak, oak, oak, oak.... Of course.

But I also like walnut, American cherry, Douglas fir, end grain, teak, cambala, wenge.... For me, there are hardly any limits, but I also particularly love the floors when you can see a bit of life in them and they get patina. Our "Antico" floors are also beautiful and very natural, they have traces of use and patina right from the start, just like used jeans... you can live with them very calmly in every area of use.

Things get hot around the stove. Are splashes of fat or bubbling pasta water a danger to the floor?


Choose your favorite floor



From A for maple to Z for zebrano. From bamboo, cabreuve, doussie, Douglas fir to oak, ash, guatambo, iroko, jatoba, kambala, larch, merbau, panga-panga, smoked oak, sukupira, teak, elm and terrace woods such as ipe and teak - and all of course ecologically valuable and from responsible sources. Soaped, leached, brushed, oiled, smoked, antique patinated, glossy lacquered, hand-planed or naturally dried, room-length or laid as a pattern - anything is possible.

And the colors? We don't have quite as many shades of white as they do - the Eskimos have over 200 shades of white - but we do have everything from snow white to near-black, all shades of gray and earth tones from honey to cognac, tabacco to chocolate and black olive.

Everything is there for you to touch, feel and see. Let us advise and inspire you - here and in all our parquet stores in Wuppertal, Cologne, Krefeld, Dortmund and Hamburg.

Parkett Dietrich
Installation quality


And once you have chosen an original Parkett Dietrich floor, our 190 permanently employed parquet layers will ensure perfect craftsmanship in your home. We have been parquet flooring for over 100 years. And we have been working with wood almost every day for just as long. The pleasure and joy of designing with wood on behalf of the customer and working together as a team to produce high-quality work that everyone involved can be proud of - that is Dietrich craftsmanship and our inner attitude. Our parquet layers and carpenters work on this every day. All excellently trained and well-rehearsed.


apply now "


Measurement and underbody inspection by appointment with our master technician on site.


Installation by our in-house parquet installers including cutting, transportation and master craftsman appointment. Everything from a single source.


10-year guarantee on original Parkett Dietrich parquet floors and our installation, 5-year guarantee on vinyl floors and our installation.


Most things don't break through use, but through cleaning. We take care of the rest.