What is so special about an Original Parkett Dietrich staircase?
Our stair treads are manufactured to the highest level of craftsmanship in our in-house factory. But the special thing about a Parkett Dietrich staircase is that it is made from the same batch of wood as the corresponding parquet flooring and is therefore identical in color, grain, feel and structure to the adjacent parquet flooring.

Why is this so important?
By using wood from the same material batch, synergies are created between the parquet flooring and the staircase, giving your rooms a unique atmosphere and allowing the staircase to emerge from the floor like a sculptural element. This is what distinguishes our Original Parkett Dietrich staircase from a conventional staircase, because similar is never original.

And for you personally, what is special about your work?
No two staircases are the same, but each one is a dream. And every evening, as a team of carpenters, we can feel and see the result of our handiwork. That makes me happy.


Stair treads
Perfect in form and function

As the calling card of the house, the staircase demonstrates personal taste like almost no other element of the home. Like a piece of furniture, a staircase integrated into the living area must match the interior design style. The shape of the staircase is just as much a design criterion as the material or the color scheme. We design precisely coordinated staircases for you in terms of form and function that are not only convincingly safe and child-friendly, but also harmoniously complement the individual architecture of your living and working spaces. For a perfect overall look.

Uniformly used woods create aesthetic synergies between the different living levels, while unique staircase/parquet combinations can lend your interior design exciting accents as well as continuity and unity. Rely on our years of experience and professional expertise when building or renovating your stairs. From the preliminary work to the complete installation, we offer you the perfect staircase service from a single source. Our own joinery guarantees you perfection at the highest level, as you would expect from us - quality is the best guarantee.


Parkett Dietrich
Installation quality


And once you have chosen an original Parkett Dietrich floor, our 190 permanently employed parquet layers will ensure perfect craftsmanship in your home. We have been parquet flooring for over 100 years. And we have been working with wood almost every day for just as long. The pleasure and joy of designing with wood on behalf of the customer and working together as a team to produce high-quality work that everyone involved can be proud of - that is Dietrich craftsmanship and our inner attitude. Our parquet layers and carpenters work on this every day. All excellently trained and well-rehearsed.


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Measurement and underbody inspection by appointment with our master technician on site.


Installation by our in-house parquet installers including cutting, transportation and master craftsman appointment. Everything from a single source.


10-year guarantee on original Parkett Dietrich parquet floors and our installation, 5-year guarantee on vinyl floors and our installation.


Most things don't break through use, but through cleaning. We take care of the rest.