Tailor-made parquet manufacture


What makes a product a masterpiece? What makes it a particularly desirable product, beyond the level of perfection we take for granted?

Perhaps for some it is the room-length planks that show the primal power of the tree? Perhaps for others it is the exaggeration of the proportions of a classic herringbone floor that gives a room a completely new perspective? Maybe it's the great craftsmanship of our inlays, or maybe it's just the creative design idea that forms the basis of everything we do?

Whatever it is, the parquet floors in our masterpiece series, tailor-made to your floor plan, embody the highest art of parquet laying, the haute couture of our craft, so to speak. Attention to detail, personal advice, craftsmanship, individuality and, last but not least, the pleasure we take in developing such floors give rise to a unique style that may change over time, but whose basis will endure forever, regardless of short-lived trends and fashions.

"If you want to enjoy the whole, you must see the whole in the small."

Perfectly shaped visions


Modern relaxed. Urban dynamic. Avant-garde. Break new ground with unconventional ideas in wood. You have a bold, individual style of living - we have the perfect floor. There are no limits to your imagination. Anything is possible and the best materials are just good enough. Live your individuality and realize your personal ideas with us. The more unusual and extravagant, the better.

Challenge us!

Room long. No frills. Uncompromising.


We stick to the naturally grown specifications, and not just in length and width. The craftsmanship of our experienced employees guarantees perfect finishing and installation from the first to the last plank. Thanks to the gentle surface treatment, the originality of the grown wood is preserved forever with every plank - plank by plank.

Anyone who has ever experienced the sensuality of a hand-planed plank floor will never again be satisfied with anything less.

Materiality in its very own language


Materiality in its very own language - the most beautiful and sensual simplicity that could not be better. A few elements fill the space and characterize the architecture, whereby the material unfolds its own beauty in its originality without
decorativeness. The large surface area of the elements is particularly appealing to the senses and demands the utmost precision in both production and installation.