IS THE Plank"

Planks are one of the most popular floors of all. Why is that?

Because it offers the greatest homogeneity. The fewer wooden strips there are on the floor, the more tranquillity there is in the room.

In which rooms does planks look best?

In any room, actually. It's even perfect for small rooms, as large-format planks make them appear larger.

What are the classic dimensions of planks?

1.80 to 2 meters long and 18 to 20 cm wide. A tree only produces a few planks on this scale. The planks are the fillet of the tree, so to speak.

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When do we speak of a planks?

When the plank has a certain length. The name refers to the generosity of the parquet element.

But it can also be misunderstood.

Yes, because many people think that planks goes hand in hand with the country house style. But of course this is not the case at all. It also looks great in a loft and with urban design.

Which material is best suited to planks?

Oak. Because it is the hardest European wood there is. Oak also has low swelling and shrinkage behavior. Due to its density, it does not work much. Oak also looks good in any color. From white to black, anything goes. Firstly, because it has such a strong structure. And secondly, because it ensures a high and even absorption of color pigments, whereas with beech or maple the color image tends to be cloudy. This makes oak extremely versatile and adaptable.

A feel-good atmosphere


Southern flair, Scandinavian comfort or simple elegance - planks can give a room much more than just a rustic impression. They define a clear direction in the room and lend a large-scale spatial effect - because we don't just stick to the naturally grown specifications in terms of length and width.

We lay the most beautiful floors at your feet
Do you appreciate the unadorned naturalness of open-pored, oiled natural wood floors? You can experience the beauty of these woods not only by sight, but also by touch. Why not visit our parquet houses barefoot and feel the supple world of parquet in a new dimension - you feel what you see. Not design, but the originality of the material is the focus of our Landhausdielen and gives design a new meaning, namely that of simplicity. Oiled floors invite you to feel good in your home every day - preferably barefoot.
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And once you have chosen an original Parkett Dietrich floor, our 190 permanently employed parquet layers will ensure perfect craftsmanship in your home. We have been parquet flooring for over 100 years. And we have been working with wood almost every day for just as long. The pleasure and joy of designing with wood on behalf of the customer and working together as a team to produce high-quality work that everyone involved can be proud of - that is Dietrich craftsmanship and our inner attitude. Our parquet layers and carpenters work on this every day. All excellently trained and well-rehearsed.


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Measurement and underbody inspection by appointment with our master technician on site.


Installation by our in-house parquet installers including cutting, transportation and master craftsman appointment. Everything from a single source.


10-year guarantee on original Parkett Dietrich parquet floors and our installation, 5-year guarantee on vinyl floors and our installation.


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