Our parquet floors

Products from sustainable forestry


Our parquet floors are natural products. Our claim of ecological sustainability is an important part of our philosophy. Sustainable and careful handling of raw materials is therefore a matter of course. Continuous investment in new technologies enables us to use wood as a material in a way that conserves resources.



Certificates and supply chains

In order to ensure responsible forest management, we act in accordance with the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council. According to the FSC, forests are managed in accordance with 10 globally valid principles. It follows the guiding principles of sustainability, forest conservation and the cessation of overexploitation. Ecological functions of a forest must therefore be preserved. Forests for everyone, forever!

FSC is a very well-known term and gives you and us a good feeling. However, there are also other seals of approval that guarantee ecologically sustainable forestry and stand for environmentally friendly production of our parquet floors with complete documentation of all supply and production chains.


Information on the life cycle of the products

Our parquet floors often last for generations and become even more beautiful over time thanks to their patina. When they are no longer needed, our wooden floors are 100% recyclable. This helps to reduce the amount of raw materials and cut energy consumption during production. No toxic or hazardous by-products are generated during the production of wooden floors.

Environmental protection


Saving fuel with a GPS-supported fleet

In order to make our vehicle fleet more effective and economical, we have equipped all of our approx. 170 tradesmen's vehicles with GPS navigation systems. Thanks to the permanent live route optimization with traffic jam avoidance, we not only save time but also a lot of fuel.

What's more, our tradesmen almost always arrive at your construction site on time.

Our new heating system: heating with wood waste

The wood waste produced in our warehouse and administration building is a natural bio-product that we process into fuel pellets and use entirely in the heating system.

We can heat our entire administration building and regulate the hot water supply with this processed wood waste. This has noticeably reduced our consumption of non-renewable energy.

Project 2023
Solar energy: environmental protection with renewable energies

Planning for a photovoltaic system on our administration building is currently in full swing. The entire roof area of the building is to be fitted with modules and thus supply the entire building, including the rented units, with electricity.

This system is due to go into operation this year so that we can make a further contribution to saving non-renewable energy as quickly as possible

Project 2023
Making sustainability measurable and improving it

The topic of sustainability concerns us all - in our private lives and as entrepreneurs. If you are concerned with this topic and want to analyze your own potential for improvement, you first need to ask yourself a few questions: Where does our company stand in terms of sustainability? Where should we start?

In order to answer these questions and be appropriately equipped for the future, we have decided to work with a competent partner to analyze the current situation and develop concepts for a resource-saving and sustainable strategy.

The analysis phase is currently underway in collaboration with our partner Licennium. In the coming weeks, all departments, work processes and workflows will be analyzed.

We look forward to actively implementing the resulting findings and recommendations and thus making a further contribution to environmental protection.