Parkett Dietrich floors are manufactured and graded according to the applicable DIN/EN and factory standards. The range includes different grades, naturally without any differences in quality. Decide which grade you like best according to your taste. Please also note that wood is a natural product and has different wood characteristics depending on where it grows and the type of wood.

Every wooden floor is special. Uniformity, knots, structural or color differences are its authenticity characteristics. This is because each piece of wood has been exposed to different weather conditions. How much did the wind stress the knots? The cracks, scars and grain tell us. Individual characteristics that Parkett Dietrich takes into account in various grades.

Calm grading
Calm, selected uniform and regular grading, with only slight differences in grain and color tone. It may contain isolated knots.

Living grading
A natural grading with color differences, sapwood, brown knots and knots that are partially filled.

Rustic grading
Rich structure with color differences, lively growth, sapwood, brown knots, knots and cracks that are filled.

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