Every surface is unique!

Welcome to a new world of Parkett Dietrich - our innovative and unique filler floors.

Just as every piece of wood, every plank, every parquet pattern tells its own story, our new filler floors are the result of an individually crafted surface and are therefore as individual as you and your home. You can choose between different shades, more cloudy or more homogeneous, glossy or matt.

We have put together 8 beautiful shades for you, which emphasize your respective style, minimalist and pure or classic and monochrome, loft or industrial look. No two trowel applications are the same, no two surfaces can be reproduced exactly. What unites them all is the beauty of a continuous surface that is homogeneous in its coloring, but shows the signature of a handcrafted surface in its structure. Perfectly imperfect.

At just 3 mm thick, our cement-based leveled floor allows you to build on top of your existing floors, whether concrete, stone or tile. This means that no time-consuming removal of the old floor covering is necessary. What's more, it is ideal for combining with underfloor heating.

Incidentally, it looks best in combination with an oiled, waxed, brushed, naturally dried, leached, textured, hand-planed, smoked .... The main thing is natural parquet flooring. This interplay of cool filler flooring and warm, tactile wooden flooring is stunningly beautiful.

Convince yourself of our new look & feel.

No demolition work

Renovation without
Removal of old
floor coverings (tiles, ceramics)

Low installation height

in the case of


Generally used without
restrictions or


No interruption
between floor coverings
and walls


Endless color and
combination possibilities

Our colors for leveled floors

Here you will find our 8 most important colors.
By mixing different basic colors, you can also emphasize your own individual color concept.