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Walnut and cherry, oak and exotic woods, Landhausdielen, sample and antique floors: Parkett Dietrich presents around 300 different wood floors in its Wuppertal headquarters, a former machine factory dating back to 1926. With around 2,900 square meters of exhibition space, it is the largest of the five parquet stores. The historic black and white tiles can still be seen in the entrance area, but then make way for the timeless Dietrich collection. On their way through the more than 90 differently furnished rooms, visitors stroll through ever-changing worlds of living - and realize that parquet is an all-rounder.

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"Some of our customers are worried that different woods can't be combined," explains Sales Manager Henrik Doesken. But such concerns evaporate at the sight of the beautiful rooms. Or would you have thought that a rather rustic oak plank in grey-green ("Woodstock" shade) would go perfectly with a kitchen block in elegant walnut? Wood is something sensual - and to really get a feel for it, you have to experience it. That's why Doesken recommends taking off your shoes and walking barefoot through the exhibition: "Floors with a planed surface feel particularly great," he says. "So velvety." And even on their second or third visit, customers always discover something new. This is because the rooms are regularly redesigned and fitted with different floors. For example, with the designs that are developed in the in-house manufactory just a few kilometers away. One of the novelties: Whalebone parquet, the pattern of which is composed of planks rather than thin strips. And which floor has captured your heart? Take your time to find out - preferably over a cappuccino in the sunny courtyard of

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Parquet house Wuppertal


Parkett Dietrich's head office is located in a former textile factory in Wuppertal-Barmen, close to the A46. In the middle of the region of Düsseldorf, Neuss, Essen, Hagen and Solingen. With approx. 2,900 square meters of showroom space, it is the largest of our five stores. A sufficient number of customer parking spaces are available.

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